Globus - Epic Live!

Tag:Globus neoclassical rock Categories:[ Fors ]

Flybanger – Headtrip To Nowhere

Tag:Flybanger rock Categories:[ Fors ]

Bombay Bicycle Club - A Different Kind Of Fix

Tag:BombayBicycleClub Britpop Indie Categories:[ Fors ]

Exxasens - Eleven Miles

Tag:Exxasens postrock postmetal Categories:[ Fors ]


Tag:Cocorosie Folk Indie Categories:[ Fors ]

Mogwai - Earth Division [EP]

Tag:Mogwai postrock Categories:[ 收集 ]


Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise

Tag:Coolio Hip-hop Rap Categories:[ Cocaine ]

Album:Gangsta's Paradise
Label:Tommy Boy/Warner Bros. Records
Style:Hip-hop,West Coast hip-hop,Gangsta rap,G-funk
Released:November 21, 1995
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Les discrets两张EP

Tag:Lesdiscrets Shoegaze postrock postmetal Categories:[ Fors ]




Sonic Youth - Simon Werner a Disparu

Album:Simon Werner a Disparu
Artist:Sonic Youth
Label:Sonic Youth Records
Style:Soundtrack, Avantgarde, Indie Rock
Released:15 Feb 2011
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Miaou - Painted e.p.

Tag:Miaou postrock Categories:[ Fors ]