Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise

Tag:Coolio Hip-hop Rap Categories:[ Cocaine ]

Album:Gangsta's Paradise
Label:Tommy Boy/Warner Bros. Records
Style:Hip-hop,West Coast hip-hop,Gangsta rap,G-funk
Released:November 21, 1995
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Sonic Youth - Simon Werner a Disparu

Album:Simon Werner a Disparu
Artist:Sonic Youth
Label:Sonic Youth Records
Style:Soundtrack, Avantgarde, Indie Rock
Released:15 Feb 2011
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The Cars - Move Like This

Tag:TheCars Newwave Electronic Categories:[ Cocaine ]

Album:Move Like This
Artist:The Cars
Label:Hear Music
Style:New wave, art rock, garage rock, power pop, post-punk revival
Released:May 10, 2011
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David Bowie - Station To Station [Special Edition] 3CD

Tag:DavidBowie Funk PsychedelicRock Categories:[ Cocaine ]

Album:Station To Station [Special Edition]
Artist:David Bowie
Style:Funk Psychedelic Rock blue-eyed soul
Released:23 January 1976
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Milan Milan !

Tag:POP VariousArtists Categories:[ Cocaine ]

Album:Milan Milan
Artist:Various Artists
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Hole - Nobody's Daughter

Tag:Hole Alternative Rock Categories:[ Cocaine ]

Album:Nobody's Daughter
Label:Mercury/Island Def Jam
Style:Alternative Rock
Released:April 23, 2010
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Courtney Love - Nobody's Daughter (Bootleg)

Tag:AlternativeRock Grunge Bootleg Categories:[ Cocaine ]

Album:Nobody's Daughter (Bootleg)
Artist:Courtney Love
Label:Custard Records
Style:AlternativeRock Grunge Bootleg
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Davie Allan & the Arrows - Cycle Delic Sounds Of...

Album:Cycle Delic Sounds Of...
Artist:Davie Allan & the Arrows
Label:Sundazed Music Inc
Style:Psychedelic, Blues Rock
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Yoko Ono - Season of Glass

Tag:YokoOno Alternative Rock Pop Categories:[ Cocaine ]

Album:Season of Glass
Artist:Yoko Ono
Style:Pop, rock
Released:June 8, 1981
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Dick Tracy Soundtrack

Album:Dick Tracy Soundtrack
Artist:Madonna ,VariousArtists
Label:Sire/Warner Bros. Records
Style:Jazz , OST
Released:June 12, 1990
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